MacOS Error Code 8058: Complete Guide to Fix it

Mac users are pretty much set in their ways with the productivity boost that their operating system provides. However, we have gotten some complaints recently about not being able to copy a file or folder from their finder. They are greeted with the “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred Error Code 8058” message.

Error Code 8058
Error Code 8058

In this article, we will list all the reasons why the error occurs, what it means, and how you can go about fixing it. Make sure to go through the entire post to develop a comprehensive understanding of why you are facing this issue.

What does the Error 8058 mean on your Mac?

Basically, the error 8058 occurs when the finder tries to copy files or folders and runs cannot do so. The reason why it cannot do so is that it goes through the list of preferences that you have configured and the list is corrupt. This is why you are unable to copy the files and you see the error 8058.

This list of preferences stores your app settings and configurations if you make any changes. It also contains some other settings but they can be removed safely and should regenerate automatically. However, you might have to configure your custom settings for some apps again.

Why do you get Error 8058 while copying files on your Mac?

As stated above the reason mostly relates to the PLIST files corruption. However, the following are the primary reasons why these PLIST files are corrupted on your Mac.

  1. Removal of Cache: Sometimes, while your system deletes or removes cache from your computer, it can corrupt the PLIST files. Now, if only a few files have gone corrupt, it will prevent the copy function from working properly.
  2. Operating System Glitch: Some versions of Mac face this issue more commonly than others. Thus, you should try to see if it is a glitch related to your operating system’s internal files that cannot be fixed manually.
  3. Outdated Software: Your Mac may be out of date due to which you are getting this issue. You can try to see if there is an update out for your computer and try to install it.

Now that you know why the PLIST files on your Mac are corrupted, you can start implementing fixes to get rid of the issue.

How to Fix Error Code 8058 on Mac:

Use Terminal to Copy Files:

There is an alternative to copying files from the finder. You can try to simply use the terminal to do so if you don’t want to go through the process of deploying other fixes. For that:

  1. Launch the Terminal from your Mac device.
    Launch Terminal on Mac
    Launch Terminal on Mac
  2. Use the following command after modifying it for the path to copy.
    cp (Path of the File) ~/Desktop (Replace Desktop with the destination)
  3. Paste this command into the terminal and the copying process should continue.
  4. Check if this helps in fixing Error 8058 on your Mac.

Restart your Device:

Sometimes, a simple and complete restart of your device can help fix this issue. Thus, we recommend that you initiate a restart of your Mac device. Restarting can help in getting rid of some corrupt cache and resolve file-related errors.

Remove the PLIST Files:

The most dominant and potent fix for the MacOS Error Code 8058 is removing the PLIST files. You cannot use a tool to pinpoint the corrupt PLIST files and remove them only. This process has to be done manually and thus, we have listed the steps to do so below.

  1. In order to remove the “.finder.plist” file, we will first have to navigate to its folder.
  2. Launch into the Finder and from the top, select the “GO” button.
    Selecting the "GO" button from the Finder
    Selecting the “GO” button from the Finder
  3. Now, select the “Go to Folder” option and type in “~/Library/” inside this window.
  4. Click on “GO” to move to the folder.
    Select "GO to Folder" option
    Select “GO to Folder” option
  5. Now, inside the Libraries folder navigate to the “Preferences” folder and then remove the “” file.
  6. Restart your computer and check to see if you can copy files in the finder normally.
  7. This should fix the MacOS Error Code 8058.

Look for System Updates:

Installing available system updates can mostly resolve such issues very quickly. Thus, follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Click on the “Apple Logo” from the top and then select the “About this Mac” option.
    About this Mac option
    About this Mac option
  2. In here, click on the “Software Update” button and then select the “Upgrade Now/ Update Now” button once it finishes checking for updates.
    Selecting the Upgrade Now button to Update Mac to fix Error Code 8058
    Selecting the Upgrade Now button to Update Mac
  3. Wait for the update to finish downloading and install it on your device.
  4. Check to see if this fixes the MacOS Error Code 8058 on your computer.

Remount the Network Drive:

Some users complained that they faced this issue on a network drive that was mounted. For them, the issue went away after they dismounted their device and mounted it again. Thus, we suggest that you do the same if you are facing error 8058 in the same context.

Force Quit the Finder:

It is possible that the Finder itself is glitched and the OS is unable to process certain inputs in it. Thus, force quitting the finder can be a good solution to fix the issue. For that:

  1. On your keyboard, press the “Options + Command + Esc” buttons together.
    Pressing the buttons together
    Pressing the buttons together
  2. Now, click on the “Finder” option from the window and select the “Force Quit” button.
  3. Now, relaunch the Finder and check to see if you are able to fix your issue.

Quit Open Files:

Sometimes, if you are trying to rename a file or folder or move it, while an associated or enclosed file is still open, it will return the Error 8058. Thus, we suggest that you close any currently open files and then try to repeat your action.

Check for Malware Infections:

In certain cases, a malware infection can cause this error to occur on your Mac. Thus, we suggest performing a thorough check for any Malware on your Mac device. Make sure to use a reputable tool to conduct your scan, one such tool can be found here. After running the malware check, see if the Error Code 8058 is gone.

Fix Error 8058 while Tagging the Folder:

In the MacOS Big Sur, you cannot apply a Tag to the documents folder. However, you can employ the following workaround to achieve your purpose and avoid Error 8058 while applying the tag. For that:

  1. Using the Finder, in the Home folder, create a new temporary folder.
  2. In this folder, move all the content of the Documents folder. Also, make sure to move all the hidden files by pressing the command and “Up Arrow” keys to reveal them.
  3. Now, open the Terminal from your Home directory and paste the following command inside it.
    mkdir -m 0700 G
  4. After pasting the command, it will create a new Directory named G.
  5. Now, from Home, add the Tags that you wanted to add to the Documents folder to this new folder named “G” that we just created.
  6. From there, after making sure that all the “Documents” folder content is pasted inside the temporary directory that we created, you may run the following command to rename the “G” folder to the new Documents folder. While deleting the old Documents folder.
    chmod -N Documents
     rm -r Documents; mv -v D Documents
     chmod +a "everyone deny delete" Documents
     killall Finder
  7. Now, from the temporary folder that we created in the first step, move all the content to the new Documents folder.
  8. This will ensure that you can add your Tags without facing Error Code 8058.


You may fix the Error Code 8058 on your Mac by bypassing the copying process or by removing the corrupt finder PLIST files. This process isn’t that complicated and can usually be done on your own. However, if you run into any issues or require further troubleshooting, make sure to contact us.

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