Fixing the Dayz Error Member Already Defined [Complete Guide]

DayZ is a very popular survivalist game published by Bohemia Interactive and it attracts a huge audience. However, quite recently, we got some reports of the “DayZ Error Member Already Defined” issue that some users face while trying to launch the game. The exact error message states: ” Error: “Game Path”\DayZ.cfg, line (number): .postFX: Member already defined“.

DayZ error member already defined
DayZ error member already defined

We are writing this article to let you know the exact details about this error. For example, we will be discussing why this error occurs, and what it means and focus on the exact steps that you can take to fix it completely. Make sure to start by implementing the solutions in the exact order that they are present to start fixing the issue. One of these should surely fix the member already defined error for DayZ.

What is the Member Already Defined Error in DayZ?

The first question that you probably have on your mind might be as to what the error means. The error message occurs when your configuration file encounters a duplicate entry. Typically, this entry is the “PostFx” line entry. The configuration file contains some important settings that your game’s startup and playtime require. Thus, you have to make sure that none of the settings are rewritten twice inside the configuration file.

Why Does the Dayz Error Member Already Defined Error Occur?

Now that you know what the error means, we should move on and define why it occurs. For that, you can consult the following points as they include the most important reasons why the error occurs.

  1. Repetition in CFG File: The Member Already Defined error in DZSA often occurs when there is a repetition or a rewriting inside the CFG file. Mostly, the PostFX setting is rewritten inside the configuration file for DZSA due to which you see the error. To Fix this, you can simply remove the repetition and the issue should be gone.
  2. Corrupted CFG File: Sometimes, the CFG file that you are using can be corrupt. Thus, you will have to remove the DZSA CFG file from its address and then the game will generate a new one. With this newly generated file, you should be good to go.
  3. Drivers Update: If you were recently updating your GPU drivers or some other, this issue can occur. This is because sometimes, with updated drivers, the CFG file gets rewritten. To fix this, simply remove the DayZ configuration file and the member already defined error should go away.

After knowing the reasons behind the error’s occurrence, you can finally move on to implementing the solutions.

Fix the Member Already Defined Error in DayZ:

Solution 1: Remove the second PostFx line from CFG File

The error presents you with the CFG path and the line at which the “PostFx:” setting is written. Using this, you can simply go to that line, remove the setting, and see if the error goes away. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. When you get the error message, there should be a “CFG” file path in the message.
  2. You can either navigate to that path or you can follow these instructions to go to the file path.
  3. Press “Windows + E” to launch the File Explorer.
  4. Now, select “Documents” from the left side and then select the “DayZ” folder.
    Opening the Documents Folder
    Opening the Documents Folder
  5. From here, there should be a “DayZ” CFG file inside the folder.
  6. There might also be a “DayZ.cfg” file but its file type might be “Text Document”.
  7. You need to ensure that you open the “DayZ” file that has the “CFG File” file type.
    Selecting the DayZ CFG File
    Selecting the DayZ CFG File
  8. In this file, make sure that you find the “postFx = (value)” entry. Now, ensure that you go through the entire list and remove any duplicate entries of this setting. It means that there should only be one entry for it.
  9. Save your changes.
  10. After removing the entry, the “Member Already Defined” error with DayZ should be completely gone.

Solution 2: Delete the CFG File

Sometimes, the DZSA cfg file can itself be corrupt. Thus, you can try to remove the file entirely so that it can regenerate itself. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the “This PC > Documents > DayZ >” folder.
  2. From this folder, make sure to rename the “DayZ” cfg file type to “DayZ-old”.
    Renaming the DayZ CFG File
    Renaming the DayZ CFG File
  3. After doing this, the game will consider the file to be deleted.
  4. Restart the computer and in doing so, it will regenerate the file.
  5. Make sure to launch your game and check if it works normally now and that the member already defined issue is now gone.


The Member Already Defined Error with DayZ occurs because of a misconfiguration in the game’s cfg file. This misconfiguration occurs when the “PostFx” setting which is also called a “Member” of the cfg file is defined more than once. Thus, simply, removing this “multiple-definition” allows us to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do I get the Member Already Defined Error with DayZ?

You get it because, within Dayz’s configuration file, one of the settings has been defined more than once. Due to this, the error message is seen.

2. Can I fix the DayZ Member Already Defined Issue myself?

Yes, you can do it by simply removing the configuration file or adjusting it to remove the settings that occur twice.

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